17 Ways to Reinvent Yourself While You’re Unemployed

17 Ways to Reinvent Yourself While You’re Unemployed

November 2, 2010

Are you in between jobs? Or perhaps you’re temporarily out the job market. Regardless of the reason, if you’re not currently employed you shouldn’t stay idle. I understand seeking employment can be a full-time job, but prospective employers don’t see your search on your CV. Live your life as if you’re constantly building your résumé. Below are 17 ways you can reinvent yourself while you’re unemployed, yet simultaneously looking for a job. You’ll be basically creating a non-paying position for yourself, while being productive, filling an employment gap, generating experience for your résumé, and adding value to the community.


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1. Brand Yourself – Even though you’re not working, you still need to constantly reinforce a positive image. Networking in person is important in branding yourself, and could lead to other opportunities, especially if you’re changing fields. Attend seminars, go to panel discussions, etc. and network to get your name out there. Add one or more of the below tips to supplement your networking to further boost your personal brand.

2. Hobbies – Share your talents by teaching your skills at local organizations.

3. Blogging – Write a blog about a personal experience, or your professional field. You add value to the online community, and sharpen your writing and editing abilities.

4. Volunteer – Do volunteer work that utilizes your know-how. It’s a great way to spread your wisdom, and give back.

5. Classes – Take classes and obtain new talents. If possible, get certified or licensed in your newly acquired knowledge.

6. Get Noticed – Try to get published in your local newspaper (articles/photos), or do something in your area worthy of an interview in a periodical or on your local news.

7. Groups – Start or join a group on MeetUp or LinkedIn. Starting one adds to your organizational and leadership skills. It also gets you engaging those with a similar interest, which could even lead to great connections whether you organize or join one.

8. Speaker – Offer to speak to a local organization or business. Put your oratory and PowerPoint skills to good use. This could also lead to more speaking offers, and this helps establish you as an expert in your field.

9. Fundraiser Chair – Chair a fundraiser for a non-profit organization. You certainly gain a lot of experience doing this. If you don’t want to chair one, at least join one of the committees.

10. Consult – Become a consultant. You can volunteer your services or ask small businesses if they need your occasional help for a modest fee.

11. Become a Board Member – Giving your time to be on a board keeps your mind fresh, and is most impressive on a résumé. The position is most easily obtained through non-profit organizations.

12. Podcast – Create an audio or video series of trade tips in the form of a non-streamed webcast. You can submit your podcasts to iTunes for distribution.

13. Social Networking – Brand yourself online, and meet people in your location or professional field. Sign up for a LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter account if you don’t already have one.

14. Panelist – Ask your local library, place of worship, YMCA, etc. if they’d like a panel to speak about your specialty, which should be of interest to the public. If so, gather a few others in your field to be on the discussion panel.

15. Start a Small Business – Think outside of the box and turn one of your passions into a small business. If you’re interested in doing it, but only on a very small-scale, start a small business while continuing with your job search, and perhaps keep it on the side once you find employment.

16. Webinar – Offer one or more web seminars for little money or gratis in your field of expertise.

17. eBook – Write your own eBook and publish it with AmazonApple, or Barnes & Noble.


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