Behold the lamb of God Emu Music Lyrics


1. He walked on earth showing glimpses of heaven,
Demons, death, disease had no hand.
The wind and the waves were obedient before him:
Well may they say, “Who is this man?”

Behold the Lamb of God
Who takes away our sin,
The light of the world, the Son of God!
Worthy is the Lamb to receive our praise,
And glory and honour, and power.

2. He turned not His face
From our pain and destruction,
He drank the bitter cup to the end
He who knew no sin
Took the punishment for us,
Deserted by God, man and friend.

3. On the third day
He was raised up with glory,
Reigning on high, the risen Son.
Now we have life,
A new hope, a new future,
Now we cry, ‘Come, Lord Jesus come!’

Words and Music: ©1990 Nicky Chiswell and Rob Smith

Use of these lyrics is subject to you holding the appropriate CCLI licence for your territory, or obtaining permission from the song owner. If in any doubt please contact us.


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A follower of Jesus. An engineer of electronics and telecommunications. I live and work to love and serve people. I study and think to strive for any possible betterment that could be brought to life. Soccer, Irish folk music, and the Bible are three of my favorite things.
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